Vosne-Romanée et Pommard

As young winemakers in Burgundy we dream of the great wines of Vosne-Romanée and Pommard.  The two villages sit in the heart of the respective côtes, Vosne-Romanée, known as the pearl of the Côte, in the Côtes du Nuits and Pommard in the Côtes du Beaune.  The wines produced in Vosne-Romanée are known for their elegance and structure while the wines from Pommard are all about power and complexity.


Even though the vines are dormant during the winter months that does not mean that the great winemakers of Burgundy go on vacation.  There is always work to be done… in the vineyards the growth of the last season is pruned away and burned, in the cellars barrels are topped up on a regular basis and at the local bar when everyone has finished their days, stories are shared and deals are made.

In other words we have been keeping busy and Colleen and I are thrilled to announce that we have found two new vineyards to work with.  The first, located in the prestigious village of Vosne-Romanée, is named ‘Champs Perdrix’ and it sits in pretty good company… the bottom of the parcel borders with two of Vosne-Romanée’s grand crus, ‘La Tâche’ and ‘La Grand Rue’.  The second is located in Pommard right on the border of Volnay.  It is a 1er Cru called, ‘Les Chanlins’.