Our New Home and Winery… Maison Harbour

These past eight months have been so enriching and inspirational for Nicholas and me. If you haven’t been following us on our blog I’ll give you a quick update. Since last August we have been enrolled at the prestigious wine school in Beaune where Nicholas studied viticulture and oenology and I studied the international commerce of wine. We have come from knowing little to understanding the rich complexities and nuances of wine making,  the business of wine, and the important historical and cultural events that have come to influence and shape the world of wine today.


As we conclude our studies we begin a new adventure officially establishing our winery in Burgundy. We took a big step last Friday when we signed for our new home and the base of our winery.


The house is located in Savigny-les-Beaune, is a few centuries old and was once the home of a winemaker. We hope to restore the house and winery to its previous glory and find out more about its history. It’s perfect for making wine as it has a beautiful vaulted wine cellar, a cuverie and two barrel rooms. We have decided to name our home and winery Maison Harbour.


We are equally excited to announce that we will be officially launching our new website,www.maisonharbour.com. The new website will allow you to keep updated with our progress through our blog and will detail information about the winery. Apologies to our current blog subscribers at www.bottlesense.com but you will have to re-register onwww.maisonharbour.com to receive updates as we will be no longer be posting on thewww.bottlesense.com blog.


We can’t begin to explain how excited we both are to start this new adventure. We hope you will follow us on our new website and look forward to greeting you at our winery one day.